Course curriculum


    1. Introduction-Who are your style icons?/Style Icon Inspiration

    2. What is personal style?

    3. The steps to defining your personal style

    4. Finding your style icon

    5. Find your Body shape Measurement guidelines and Quiz

    6. A look at the six body shapes to help you determine your type/6 Celebrity body types

    7. Style icon quotes/discovering your style personality

    8. Creating a Style Mood board-Part 1

    9. Style Personality Quiz

    1. The Style Personalities-No. 1 Dramatic Style Personality

    2. The Classic Style Personality

    3. The Natural Style Personality

    4. The Euro/City Chic Style Personality

    5. The Romantic Style Personality

    6. The Creative Style Personality

    7. The Sexy/Alluring Style Personality

    8. Creating a mood board-Part 2

    9. Style Icon Worksheet

    10. Working your wardrobe

    11. Conclusion

About this course -you will learn about your style personality and the clothes that suit your lifestyle, drawing inspiration from your icons so that shopping & styling become more intentional and enjoyable. This style experience is all about "YOU"!

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Discover your unique personal style , starting today!

Save money and time by finding yourself through style choices that bring out the best in you so that you never stress about what to wear again.


Happy client

“Such a creative lady - I have worn two of Moira's headpieces to weddings -so light and comfortable to wear for the entire day. She has the intuitive skill of knowing what will best suit her clients and has fantastic advice on colour and style.”

M. Moore